Automatic cooking kitchen


#AquaPrimoris is an experimental futuristic society living on a sustainable floating city where humans live in harmony with nature and each other. It is aimed at promoting the human race to a level-1 civilization. This project, although very weird and seemingly cannot be accomplished, includes many projects and innovations that concern us in our daily lives. from sustainable architecture, ecological and sustainable living technologies, transportation, alternative energy systems, Urban planning, water solutions, 3D printing, #IOT, to agriculture and advanced food production techniques, and even social,economical and political projects.

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The automatic cooking kitchen, should be space efficient and able to professionally cook a multitude of menus. the kitchen should be computer automated and the user should be able to request meals from a touchscreen in the kitchen or remotely via mobile. this system should physically be similar to normal kitchen closets and replaces the use of many current kitchen equipment that will become obsolete. This system also includes a software application that manages the meals and ingredients database, stock and inventory of ingredients. the system warns on low stock and links to personal health of inhabitants to propose a proper diet for each member. the project is not based on a robot but uses a production chain automation process.


  • Date : February 3, 2016