Phoenix Yacht

Wave Energy system


The Phoenix Hydro-yacht is a new concept of the combination of a luxury yacht, hydrofoil technology and green energy usage for marine systems. The yacht uses solar, wind and wave motion to generate energy. this energy is then stored in form of hydrogen. the hydrogen is then used to generate the required energy via combustion or fuel cell technology to drive the yacht via electric propulsion. The hydrofoil technology will allow the yacht to achieve higher speeds with minimum energy usage. this project requires the design and creation of a system that generates energy using ocean waves and/ or currents to provide and additional energy source for the yacht. This project uses the Yacht’s body as a buoyancy platform for floating pontoons that move with the waves hitting the body of the yacht to generate energy. this should also require a feasibility study to check if such a system is really efficient.


  • Date : February 3, 2016