Phoenix Yacht

Solar Power system


The Phoenix Hydro-yacht is a new concept of the combination of a luxury yacht, hydrofoil technology and green energy usage for marine systems. The yacht uses solar, wind and wave motion to generate energy. this energy is then stored in form of hydrogen. the hydrogen is then used to generate the required energy via combustion or fuel cell technology to drive the yacht via electric propulsion. The marine solar system project requires a design and study of a solar array capable of generating 30KWh by daytime of energy in a small enough package to fit on a yacht. The initial design notes the placement of such and array. The solar system should be capable of running all electrical equipment on the yacht and run a solar electrolysis system for Hydrogen generation, a solar compressor, a sea water desalination system… the excess heat generated by the panels should be used to heat or cool the interior. This system is the main source of energy for the Yacht. The wind and wave generators serve as backup.


  • Client : FastWP
  • Date : April 18, 2014