Smart Aquaponics


#AquaPrimoris is an experimental futuristic society living on a sustainable floating city where humans live in harmony with nature and each other. It is aimed at promoting the human race to a level-1 civilization. This project, although very weird and seemingly cannot be accomplished, includes many projects and innovations that concern us in our daily lives. from sustainable architecture, ecological and sustainable living technologies, transportation, alternative energy systems, Urban planning, water solutions, 3D printing, #IOT, to agriculture and advanced food production techniques, and even social,economical and political projects.

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Smart Aquaponics project requires the design and development of a smart greenhouse soil-less system that uses the nitrogen cycle between fish and plants to grow organic produce. The system must include soil, temperature, water and other environmental sensors to monitor plant nutrients deficiency, PH levels… the system should be energy efficient and smart enough to know each plant requirements in humidity, temperature, sun exposure… the energy to power the system should be from a renewable source. preferably solar


  • Date : February 5, 2016