Sustainable modular buildings


#AquaPrimoris is an experimental futuristic society living on a sustainable floating city where humans live in harmony with nature and each other. It is aimed at promoting the human race to a level-1 civilization. This project, although very weird and seemingly cannot be accomplished, includes many projects and innovations that concern us in our daily lives. from sustainable architecture, ecological and sustainable living technologies, transportation, alternative energy systems, Urban planning, water solutions, 3D printing, #IOT, to agriculture and advanced food production techniques, and even social,economical and political projects.

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The sustainable modular buildings project requires the design and architecture of buildings that can be constructed in a modular manner and re purposed for different types of functions, a building is a multi-story construction that is used in congested areas like cities to build spaces vertically and save on land usage. this building system has its own challenges and our requirements make even more challenging. the project requires the use of green and recyclable materials and be energy efficient and generates most of its energy. in addition the building should be self sustaining to its inhabitants and should try to merge Urban farming, solar and wind energy generation.


  • Date : February 4, 2016